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Divided and Ruled
Throughout the European Union there are dissenting voices in every member state; voices that protest at the undemocratic and steady erosion of the abilities of all countries to govern themselves.  Many of the decisions of the EU are taken behind closed doors without even the production of minutes to record the discussions, and new proposals are laid before the European Parliament for, essentially, rubber stamping without debate.

Power has become centralised in Brussels, exercised by a political oligarchy interested only in promoting their own ideology, an ideology which they arrogantly insist is best for us. Dissenting voices are dismissed or at best muffled, confined to their countries of origin, glossed over.  By keeping such anti-EU views fragmented the volume of their common arguments can be muted.  By keeping us divided we are ruled.

So let us change that.  Let us combine the protests of EU citizens into one pan-European protest and fight one singular entity with another.  Let us put party politics aside.  For when we strip away the straitjackets of party ideologies we find that as individuals there is a level of agreement about the EU that transcends them.  

People's Voice is a single-issue movement – to tell the EU to get back in its box, drop the creeping imposition of a political union which already shows signs of failure, and reduce itself to what we initially signed up for  - a trading zone.  Let us combine into a single voice, no longer divided, so that we can start to rule ourselves once more.
If the EU is so good for us, why do our politicians have to lie about it?
In the UK we have numerous instances of half truths beig told about the EU and its benefits.  Perhaps it is the same everywhere in Europe, but we have to call out that duplicity.  Half truths are ultimately total lie.  So this spot of the site is dedicated to your examples of how you have been lied to in the name of the EU.

Here's one for a starter.  At the time of the last British referendum, the Prime Minster Harold Wilson assured the British people in several addresses that there would be no loss of sovereignty by joining the Common Market.

It has just come to light that before he made those statements, the civil service pointed out to him that sovereignty would be sacrificed, but, not to worry, it would take 30 years before the British people would find out, and by then it would be too late!
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